1. Earth Quake Resistant RCC framed structure.

2. Steel: ISI mark First Quality TOR steel of specified tensile strength and sizes.

3. Paint/Primer: Royal luxury emulsion wall paints of Asian Paints/Berger Company, Weather/fungus proof paint for outer walls. Asian paint hi-gloss premium enamel used on railing and grills.

4. Wood: Main door frame are of Teak Wood, other door frames are of Saal wood. ISI mark water termite/bore/warp proof Flush doors.

5. Glass: ISI mark Saint – Gobain/ Modi Guard float glass.

6. Sinks: ISI mark steel sinks of one mm thickness with drain board.

7. Granite: Superior quality polished 30mm granite on kitchen platform.

8. Water Proofing: Internationally acclaimed Chemical Compound of SIKA/ROFF/FOSROC Company.

9. Grouting: BAL ENDURA (Imported additives in association with BAL United Kingdom) for filling up gaps and between tiles.

10. Bathroom doors: Water/termite/warp proof PVC doors.

11. Kitchen: Granite cooking Platform – Stainless steel sinks – designer tiles above platform, superior quality tiles on floor.

12. Bathrooms: PARRYWARE commodes and washbasin, Sanitary fitting of PARRYWARE, CERA, JAQUAR.

13. Flooring: Vitreous tiles in common area .Ceramic tiles in Kitchen and Anti-Skid ceramic tiles in bathrooms.

14. Walls: Two coats of primer – two coats of putties – two coats of Acrylic Emulsion paints (Whispering Whites/earthen elegance colour shades)/ all the joints are covered with high quality plaster mesh (expanded galvanized iron mesh) as anti-cracking re-enforcement and to provide extra strength.

15. Doors: Phenol Bonded High density Molded Board Panels of 35 and 25 mm size which are termite, bore and wrap proof(ISI Mark). Main door is fitted with Brass lock, magic eye, security chain and brass handles. Electrostatic lacquered brass handle, door stopper and magnetic holder are fitted on all doors.

16. Windows: Aluminum 16/18 gauge frames triple channel sliding panels on roller balls with mosquito proofing – automatic security locks.

17. Generator: All security and common lightings, including lifts are available on standby generator supply. Your flat gets 500 watts supply. The generator is rested on anti-vibration pads and housed in an acoustic chamber for soundproofing.

18. Intercom for internal communication.


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